Industry update

As the northern hemisphere’s summer season begins and the rush of pre-season work slows down, we have found time to put pen to paper to bring you the latest edition of Comprehensively Yachts, which we hope you find full of thought-provoking topics and analysis.

In light of the growing adoption of sustainable technology in yachting, including Feadship’s recently launched 60m Project 713, which will harness solar energy and has the capacity to also run on non-fossil hydrogenated vegetable oil, and Project 821, the world’s first hydrogen fuel-cell superyacht, we take a look at what may be the next frontier in yacht propulsion: nuclear power.

Next, we consider the Cayman Islands’ new Merchant Shipping Act 2024 and the revised Red Ensign Group Code, before our London employment team revisit a UK employment tribunal case of significant relevance for the employment of yacht crew.

Given the importance of Swiss manufacturing to the yachting industry, it is not uncommon to encounter Swiss law contracts, and we have therefore asked our colleagues in Geneva provide a summary of why arbitration in Switzerland maintains such popularity.

Our usual sanctions update follows, before we finish off with a focus on fraud, the changes with the new UK legislation and what you can do to stay one step ahead.